Brains or Brawn?

I am currently riding high on exercise-induced endorphins.. I have strapped weights to my feet and done a crazy amount of lifting. My arms are throbbing with the thrill of being used for something strenuous. My hips ache and I am feeling muscles that I never knew existed. My diet is exemplary. I am a walking skin bag full of super-foods with names like Maca and Acai and Chia and Noni juice which sounds vaguely erotic. I have energy up the wazoo...literally and I have just spring-cleaned the entire house and ripped out entire forests from my back yard. I now feel like going for a run although suspect my boobs would knock me out, so I will sit and sip a mug of nettle tea and contemplate my next physical hurdle.


I can't write a word. I don't understand what is happening here. I have more vigour and enthusiasm than I have had for a while but it's all being directed toward being a muscle-bound health freak. I've switched on my warrior brain and I can't activate my creative, wordy cerebral brain. It's as if I can only operate on one setting in 'high'.

When I'm on a word roll I can bang out about seven thousand words a day, like a tapping dervish. But to do that I need to be at the computer with copious amounts of coffee, wine, chocolate and other comfort food. It seems that caffeine and sugar fuel my writer's brain and healthy fare and exercise stimulate the gazelle, the Olympian, in me.

I think I'll ride this exercise thing for a while and just try to tap a few words when I can and wait for the mania to subside. I can't seriously operate as a health nut forever. It's just not me. By Friday the lure of champagne and canapes will call and I'll spend the weekend alternating between tapping on my computer like a woodpecker and partying like it's 1999.

I've decided you can't have brains and brawn. Not at once, anyway.

P.S For the record, on a different note, my prayers and solidarity go out to my girlfriends in Pussy Riot, a Russian all-girl punk band who are facing trial for speaking out against Putin. Keep the faith gals. Good luck. Miaow.

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