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It's time for me to come out of the literary closet and fess up to the fact that I write books under pseudonyms. As this fact is disclosed in the short biog page at the beginning of the books, it's not really any great secret. But today I feel like introducing you to a few of my babies in case you haven't already met.

Here is the preview of my young adult novel,  Sandy Feet. It is being released by UQP in October. It deals with the fall-out from divorce, parental alienation and blended families. We are currently writing up teacher and librarian notes and I am so very excited about the upcoming launch. I will be in Brisbane to welcome it into the world. The actual date and venue are yet to be finalised and I hope lots of my readers can make it along to say 'hi'.

As Nik Boston, I wrote Kissing Dirt, a dark tale of terror and imprisonment. It is Wolf Creek meets Thelma and Louise. If you like Mo Hayder, this is for you. It tells the tale of two sisters and their children on a camping trip they hope will empower them. Instead they happen upon two fugitives who take the party hostage and drive them deep into the Daintree Forest where the family is put through some rather terrible ordeals until a blistering and exciting finale (if I don't say so myself).

And here I tackle the meaning of life with this rollicking adventure that takes a group of teenagers on a race through Italy, France, England and the Outer Hebrides....but also a race through time following the coded footsteps of Pythagoras, Plato, Archimedes, Da Vinci and Shakespeare....that leads to....well....the very mind-blowing 'meaning of life'. Reality has never looked so strange. All is not what it seems. Are we all just living in a game?

And for all you conspiracy theorists, as Nik Boston again, I wrote The False Prophet. This is an over-the-top psychological thriller set on a snow bound island in a nineteenth century castle in the chilly Thousand Island district between upstate New York and Canada. A cult leader professes to be the reincarnation of every sage who has graced the planet and preaches a bizarre creed that includes ancient alien astronauts. He warns his followers (and the secret group that have infiltrated the cult) of a global secret society that has brainwashed the masses. The Monarch Butterfly is its evil symbol. The end of this novel is so explosive....I can't begin to go there. It's all in the book. Illuminati? But of course.

The Dingo Cave was for my mother and grandmother. As Sybilla Thompson (my granny's name), I wrote this younger reader's book about an unlikely friendship between two little girls in the scrubby dry outback of Queensland during the Second World War. One white, one black, they navigate their different lives through the prejudice of the time, forming a bond that will be bitterly tested. It's a moving and provocative look at issues such as racism and intolerance.

Kissing Dirt, The False Prophet and The Dingo Cave are all available on iTunes, and SMASHWORDS

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