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False Rape Allegations

The subject of false rape allegations gets many a person rather hot under the collar. Rape is a serious crime. More than a crime it is a seriously evil act, an act that robs a victim of dignity and leaves them scarred and filled with shame. It is an act that robs a person of their power.

 I have been raped. It's not nice. It was not easy to move on from, but I have. I'm not letting it define me or weigh me down.

I have also known someone, many years ago, who made a false allegation of rape against a fellow and destroyed his life, even though he was later found innocent when the girl fessed up and explained that she had concocted the story. That young man committed suicide because the taint of a rape allegation, particularly of a very young teenage girl, stuck like rancid super-glue. That man was a talented musician who could have gone on to great things but this young girl destroyed him and robbed him of that possibility.

This was the underlying impetus for me to write my latest book, 'Sex Crimes'. Being the victim of a false rape allegation can be as damaging as being a rape victim. Every support group that offers counselling for rape victims should extend the same kindness to those falsely accused.

When a girl is fifteen, she is not considered able to give consent to sexual intercourse. She is considered old enough however to terminate a pregnancy if necessary. She is allowed to be found guilty of a crime whether it be murder, theft, grand theft auto or shop-lifting. But in a sexual transaction between the girl and an older male, she will always be considered the victim and never even permitted to take any responsibility for the act, even if she consented because she is not capable of making that decision according to the law. No matter whether she is more mature, more intelligent, more worldly. None of that will ever be taken into consideration. When a boy of fifteen rapes someone, he is held accountable as an adult. As he should be. He is old enough to know that rape is a crime, wrong and evil and if he chooses to sink to that despicable low, the full force of the law should rain down on him.

So, are fifteen year old girls wired so differently that they are incapable of making any decision about their sexuality at all? It's food for thought. Such a fraught subject is seen in black and white but there are shades of grey. There are. I wrote about my views on teenage sexuality in the UK Huffington Post and received a backlash of condemnation but it is a subject that should be discussed and studied without hysterical shame and fear.

When a girl accuses a teacher, a relative or a stranger of raping her when he had done no such thing? Should not the full weight of the law be applied to her also?

My story revolves around a young girl, almost sixteen, who finds herself pregnant and points the finger at a famous rock musician.

As the drama unfolds we discover the unpalatable truth that the accusation is false. The repercussions are felt deeply and widely. The girl's friends, the man's family, his daughter and the girl herself. She goes from being a victim to a predator and yet when peeling away the layers of why she did what she did, we find that she acted from a place that had robbed her of her own power. It was a dangerous and damaging way for her to try to steal a little back.

The idea that a teenage girl could be predatory rubs a lot of people up the wrong way. But to claim that it happens rarely and should thus not be talked about with the excuse that it might inflame child abusers is to be irresponsible and offends all those that have been the victims of false allegations. This story might not happen often but it does happen and it needs to be talked about!!!

So buy my book and see what you think. I wrote it to make people think.


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